Lake Cushman Camping Weekend

Lake Cushman Picture
Lake Cushman - Evening August 30, 1998

On August 28th - 31st of 1998, we all took a long, well needed weekend camping trip to Lake Cushman in Washington State. The lake is gorgeous, and the whole weekend was totally relaxing. We all stayed at Lake Cushman Resort, and there were basically six families. The pictures on this page are courtesy of Jim's digital camera. We only posted a selection of the pictures he provided here. Also, the actual pictures, in some cases, are better than the ones I posted, but at 900k each, I figured the compression was worth a little loss in quality. I enjoyed posting these so much for all of you, that we are considering getting a digital camera too. Now, if we can only decide on the model....

I'd also like to thank Robin for coordinating the trip. Her three bulletins help keep us all excited, and not only that, they helped - dare I say it - organize us. She came up with the 'theme' night idea, which was a smashing success.

Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy our beautiful, relaxing Weekend.
Cushman Weekend - Friday
Cushman Weekend - Saturday
Cushman Weekend - Sunday

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