Search through a genealogy database containing information on nearly 23,000 individuals and over 7,500 families including many Corfmans and their relatives. You can enter the database by starting with our family. Alternatively, you can begin with a high level index of surnames of our relatives. If you have questions or updates to the information in this database, please send e-mail to The genealogy information published on this website was last updated in November 2003.

     All of the family members listed in this website are also indexed in the Master GENDEX Genealogy Database, which contains information on over sixty million individuals. Some of our family members may also be indexed at the Master GENDEX Genealogy Database based on information contained in other web sites.

     If you found the information in the Corfman Family Genealogy Web Site interesting or helpful, please feel free to leave a comment in our Genealogy Guest Book.

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